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Nurit - Independent film



Nurit, “big mama” who takes care of everyone, desires to become a mother with all her heart, describing her journey to motherhood which begins in a silent birth. Despite this devastating experience, everyone advises her to carry on with her life and leave the past behind.  After years of fertility treatments, Nurit arrives at Eilat cemetery, where she finds closure.

Director:  Sohini tal

Producer: Chen Heifetz

Head animator: Tom Danieli

Additional Animation: Lee Dror, Sohini Tal

Music: Ziv Ravits

Starring: Hanna Azoulay Hasfari


Annecy 2023

JJF 2023

Cinanima 2023

WJFF 2023

Athens Animfest 2023

POFF Shotrs 2023

Cinema South festival 2023

Kaboom 2024

Miami Jewish film festival 2024

The Robinson International Short Film Competition 2024 - Semi Finalist

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Nurit_3 (1).jpg
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