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ESRA conference

Design & animation

On The Sixth Day

An independent short film by Chen Heifetz and Ola Opoykov. Winner of loop De Loop israel competition "6"

The origins of ballet - TED-Ed Original lessons

Director & designer: Moran Barak | Animation: Chen heifetz



this short loop was made foe the Gif: format form of art exhibition by @Sputnik bar.
Design- Daniella koffler
Animation- Chen heifetz

Passover video - Production by Studio Pixel

Design & animation 

Shavim* - Production by Studio Pixel

Design & animation


HAPPY SUMMER - Production by Studio Pixel

Design & animation

Negishut - Production by Studio Pixel 

Design & animation

Wiz Khalifa in Israel

Short video promoting Wiz Khalifa's performance in Israel.

Illustration - Sivan kidron

Hennessy coconut 


Director,  animation


Animated logo for the Israel festival. 

Co production with THEgugdesign

Director, Design, animation


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